To the one who emotionally shattered her

Hi You,

I don’t understand how can you forget that chirpy girl who used to talk endlessly for hours. The one who laughed her heart out. Yes, I am talking about the girl who trusted you, liked you and loved you the way nobody else could. She made you her life though you always considered her just another contact in your phone book.

She was always available to talk to you, answer your calls and spend time with you. Nothing mattered to her more than your mood and your happiness. You called her just to pass your free time but she mistook this for her importance in your life. You knew she is and can never be of your type but maybe you still liked getting this attention. Maybe this is what you do to girls around you. Maybe she was never your anything but for her you were her everything.

She let you in her life and told you her darkest secrets and her gloomiest moments because you made her comfortable. You told her that you liked her company so she believed you. Her days were just about you, from cute messages to phone calls, sharing details of the day to flirty texts, songs, lyrics, mutual friends, lifestyle, family, likes, dislikes, work, future plans and what not. You both talked about almost everything. Now when she accepted she loved you back, is getting addicted you and your company, you left her. No, she is not wrong here. You shouldn’t have made her fall for you when you were sure that you wont be there to catch her.

The day she realized you are the right one for her, she switched on her self destruction mode. Soon after, she did not change but you did. She was confused with your change in behavior. Not picking her calls and answering her texts for days not only bothered her but irritated her as well. She was puzzled but then you gave her the reason of being busy at work. As expected she believed you. She waited for nights everyday to hear from you but you were too busy to even hear the storm of thoughts going inside her mind.

She kept you above everything but you disrespected her in every way possible.  From ignoring here texts, not answering her calls, choosing someone else over her, she saw everything. You made her to believe that she is not your type anymore and could never be yours forever. Now, there is this big ocean of doubts and she is tangled in all these maybe`s. You made her to believe that you will always be there for her. She believed you. Her friends warned her at every step but she ignored to listen. She wasn’t blind in your love but coward enough to accept any of it. She disagreed with every friend of hers who said anything against you and took your stand no matter what. Now, she feels like a fool in front of them. Are you happy now? She is blaming herself for the situation she is facing now for she chose you to be her savior.

She is tired now. Though she still loves you but her soul has died. You have moved on but she doesn’t know what to do. You said “We don’t have a future together”. This wobbled her present. Period.

Sincerely yours,



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