The Road of Endless Chai and Memories

Tank full and spirits high; we all knew it was going to be SO MUCH FUN!

I was always a big fan of travelling and movies (my name says it all, right?) We five were ready to take our friendship to a whole new level of rediscovering each other outside our comfort zones. This was the first time we all were going together for a vacation that too a road trip. Sounds good? I was super excited.

Checklists- we actually didn’t make any seriously and playlists- obviously specifically for the trip. We were all set for five days on road; at least I and Aatisha were (being girls so undoubtedly good at planning, shopping and packing). The guys- Jatin, Sarwara and Abhimanyu were as usual in their own world of excitement. Finally, we started on night of 21st Oct, 2015 from Noida in Ford Aspire for road trip to Rajasthan- Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur and Jodhpur.

From the very start of the trip, we played all those chichora songs from our personalized playlists. In those 5 days, we had conversations about almost everything, from the things we didn’t share before to silly life lessons learned. After every 50-100 kms there followed a tea break. Do we Indians need a reason to drink Chai? Not really, its privileged beverage here. After 50kms mark I could hear Jatin cribbing about need of chai even though he wasn’t driving at all or Aatisha with her pleasing lines “Mere bhai aka abhimanyu ko Chai pila do”. And Abhimanyu LOL, as usual he wasn’t well so had no option than to listen to billi 😀

Everytime we checked into new dhabha or roadside stall for tea the price of tea increased and never went down. This was the real heart breaking moment for our Baniya dost – Jatin. He is a food lover (and hard core chicken momos lover) and food critic. In our hometown also he knows every dhabha and rehri wala, their specialties along with the prices. He is our very own foodspotter so much so that we can swear by his judgment in this department. Haha. We had chai at almost every place possible- misdt the green jungle, isolated roads, forts or with gorgeous view of Aravalis.

Chai gave Jatin extra energy to charge his GPS (remember I told you about Gupta Positioning system, Lol). Who broke up with whom and when, who was after whom, who dated, flirted and double dated was also an exciting part of the gossip sessions. In mid of such sessions, I wondered where I was the whole time in college when so much was happening around me. The discussion about our married batch-mates or classmates was depressing. Yes, seriously, am I too grown up? NO!

On 23rd night we stopped at a well renowned dhabha but our food critic rejected it and we moved on. At 11 in the night, Aatisha and Jatin had weird food cravings. Let me tell you we were travelling from Jodhpur to Udaipur, it was dark with hardly any vehicle on road. It was getting really hard for me to convince them to not get inside an unknown deserted looking village in search of good food. But when it comes to food, it is impossible to win an argument with Jatin. In no time, we were in the marketplace of a village where obviously all shops got closed (time was almost 11:40 pm). There was a huge crowd watching two men fighting. Our car because of its fog lights caught the attention of quite good number of spectators including the men in khaki. This angered me and as usual Jatin was the victim of my anger (he is all time victim of everybody s anger).

The next few moments were moments of deep silence. To keep myself calm, I opted to take a power nap. We were back on the highway towards Udaipur. Suddenly, the car stopped again and everybody was outside it when I opened my eyes. There was a never ending narrow road, aravallis in the backdrop and absolute darkness with no street lights. It seemed like a highway to hell so I preferred to stay inside. Abhimanyu stepped in and convinced me to come outside (obviously, I had to). 10…9…8…7….6…. countdown for my birthday. Shit! I didn’t realize it was midnight- My birthday. The crazy four wished me, we clicked pictures and I figured out the reason behind all the weird odd hour food cravings. I cut the best birthday cake ever- a piece choco pie 😉 <3. It was priceless. After spotting strange movements in the bushes behind us, we hurriedly sat in the car. Abhimanyu drove really fast and we never looked back.

There were endless sessions of catching up with each other. This was indeed a classic and treasured case of the journey better than the destination. Isn’t this something we all want to experience?

IMG-20151027-WA0086 (1)

Friends Forever ❤ ❤ ❤


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