The Fab People in my Life

I am new to blogging. This being my first blog, I want to dedicate this to the ones who make my life complete- My FRIENDS- came into my life and never left my side.

Jatin aka Smart aka Guptaji aka Phunny Boy- the person from whom I learnt that making fun of your own self is actually big fun. When you are laughed upon by others, it is actually sharing smiles. Go on! Keep spreading happiness. When he is not there with us, most of the times we talk about him and his activities make us laugh hard no matter what the situation is. There are people who know people and then there is Jatin whom everybody knows after he has been there once. I know somewhere he likes this.  Every hot girl of the college was friend with him. Ahan! He is proud of this even now.LOL. Like every Indian friends group is not complete without a “Baniya” dost, he is the life of our group.

TIP: He puts check-ins wherever he goes so think twice if taking him for a city tour. He has his own GPS , Gupta Positioning System. LOL.


The one and only “SMART”

Sarwara aka question mark, this guy can ask you so many questions in a single go that you won’t get time to even breathe and think. Trust me; you can’t dare to ignore his questions because he might end up asking more and more. Don’t doubt his power of framing questions in any situation.  I don’t know what`s with him but he needs answer to everything said and done. Believe me EVERY SINGLE THING!  He is never done with his PJs which do make us laugh but we never tell him for obvious reasons. This Jatt is a rich one LOL. Abhimanyu and Jatin has befriended him for the fact his mom makes delicious paranthas (oh shit! This was supposed to be a secret). He is friend for life type material and gives the best advices – FREE …FREE… FREE. ..

TIP: Keep all your confusions and questions at bay. If need be better Google. 


The one with questions- Amandeep Sarwara

Aatisha aka Billi, known her for 15 years now and 5+ years of friendship she is the sweetest creature in the group though her brain processing is slow. Word “Intelligence” is nowhere around her. YES! She is my girl best friend. Clear by heart (and mind lol), she is LADLI of the group. The overspending BANIYA dost who if goes to buy a back cover for a mobile can go on buying many until her wallet is empty. Been there, seen that. It is real hard to keep her away from all the cute looking things. Trust me, its real hard to praise the “Awww so cute and girly stuff” she buys.

TIP: Think twice before going out with her for a movie because she goes through the summary, reviews and even dialogues of the movie beforehand. Whats left, EH?


The Candid Sugar – Aatisha

Abhimanyu aka BK (Shhhh.. the abbreviation is a secret between two besties). Best friends from last 8+ years we know each other in and out. We have shared millions of talks, hundreds of secrets and have made uncountable  memories together- the inseparables. Though we live in different cities from more than a year now, he didn’t miss any of the occasions –  birthdays, trips and festivals. He is there for me whenever needed, trusts me and understands me. He wakes up till late night just to listen to my problems and confusions. For every happy moment he has only one word to say – Party (Isn’t it obvious for a Punjabi to say this). Craziness follows us wherever we go. We might land up in mental hospital for all our weird conversations and actions.

TIP: Stay away from him. He is my best friend, I don’t believe in sharing though already have to do with sarwara.


The World`s Best “Best Friend” – Abhimanyu

Love you crazy Nuts ❤ ❤ ❤


The laughs and the Pose


The friends that love to get clicked together stays together forever !


They can do anything for a picture that seems too natural !

Friendship is the greatest gift of life and I have truly received it. ❤ ❤ ❤

#LuckyMe  #FriendsForever  #FriendsForLife  #BestFriends #Love #Friendship


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